The Color RED!


Ok, not just red, also yellow and orange. What can I say- I can’t get it done without those colors. No matter what promises I often make to myself regarding colors, my hand just grabs those colors almost automatically.

For those of you who visited my open studios and/or my website, those colors are clearly the choice in the vast majority of my pieces. Once in a while there is a rare blue or green piece. I cherish those rare pieces, curious how they came about…

For me, red-orange-yellow combination is happiness! liveliness! These colors are calling my name. I will continue my attempts at diversifying and expanding my color palate but for now Red is the winner!

In the photo- just a few first layers in my current piece. Will update you on the finished one.

* you can get photos of works in progress on Instagram at gorenrinat. Check it out.

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