I’m sure you all agree with me that color is one of the most defining property of an artist’ body of work. Sometimes it is possible to identify an artist just by recognizing his color palette in one of his/her works. I, also feel defined by the colors I am using. If you look at my body of work as a whole, you will find a certain color scheme that tie it all together. Yes, I do use almost every color under the sun but some specific hues are used in almost every piece that I made.

I do try to push the envelope. I Try new colors,I play with the opposite color of what I would naturally reach for, and I mix colors that I never thought of mixing before. But still, some how, with some force of nature that is stronger then me, I keep going back to the red-orange-yellow that feels so good to my brush and my eye.

Here are some new mixes that I made in the last few weeks. You can probably recognize the cup-cake mold pattern on my wax colors.  I use these molds to mix colors and old wax scraps to create new hues. Now I am excited to apply the new colors. Try to find these new hues on my boards. Soon.

IMG_3455 IMG_3454

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