Time to recycle…

Once in a while I look at an older piece and think:” Its time!” Which means this piece finds itself back on my work table. I heat the wax and scrape it off. Clean the wax of pieces of paper and dirt and use the wood panel for something new.

Here is the old piece I recycled today:Rinat_The_Life_of_a_Tree

There is something bitter-sweet about demolishing a piece. On one hand, I know it is part of the process, as my eye changes and I develop higher expectations, for some pieces to end. On the other hand it is a bit difficult to let go. In the end, it is a fun day in the studio, where new creation is evolving and I am pleased by my decision.



Here are some photos of the process: The first one shows some of the scrapes right off the old piece: This is very raw material, including pieces of paper and some oil paint. img_4468











This photo shows the color I got by mixing and heating all the scrapes minus the paper and globs of oil paint. The background is the new piece I started with the new paint. Not finished yet.

I promise to post the final result.



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