Happy New Year- 2017

Happy New Year to all of you- art lovers- where ever you are.

I hope 2017 in a year of growth and learning, curiosity and achieving.

My first piece for this year was sold about 10 minutes after I post it! Here is for a good start…


This transection presented me with an opportunity to deliver the piece to the collector in person. How lovely it is to step into a home where my art, my creation is on the walls (This is not the first piece of mine they acquired)


Mirra Olsen Mirra Olsen 2









I felt delighted to have visited this home but more than that- to connect with a collector who happens to love my work and to accept their compliments. I experience a sense of completion, the sense that being an artist is not only about creating the art it is also about selling it and connecting with people to whom my art brings joy. It turned out to be an important part of the cycle.

I am grateful!



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