Commitment to What???


Just came down from my studio (Yes, my studio is upstairs, the only room on the second floor). I finished a piece that I wanted to title: “Commitment to finding the truth”.  That makes a long name for a file…

Also a bit too direct and suggesting…

I decided to shorten it to ‘Commitment’ and let people ask : “Commitment to what?”

Well- you already know- to finding the truth!

For some reason, the truth and the commitment to find the truth is such an acute subject recently. It seems that the value of the truth had plummeted like a failing stock in the market.

so, here it it- A commitment to finding the truth.

It is a very layered piece, with a lot going on under the surface. There is a lot of paper cuttings (shown above) and a lot hidden under some cover…

Hope you are as committed as me.

Thank you.

Here is the final piece


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