on Commissions

Ambivalence is what I feel in regards to commissions. First of all- it is a compliment! I feel flattered that someone appreciates my art and would love me to create a piece uniquely for him/her. Second (and I am trying to avoid using ‘but’ here)- it is disruptive. When working on commission, I have another person -other than me of course- to consider. Typically there are colors, size and theme requests, so while working on a commissioned piece I hesitate often as I stop to consider the requirements and my natural flow is interrupted.

Third- and this is the bottom line- A commission is a challenge and I welcome it. I open my arms wide to the challenge: thinking a bit differently once in a while, considering different colors and sizes and looking through someone else’ eyes into my work. I still have to love the piece when it is completed. If I feel compromised the commission is missing the point. After all the client is interested in my art on his walls not his own…

Here is a detail from an unfinished commissioned piece I am working on this week.


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