Art pause from art

I am taking a short hiatus from my studio. Partly by choice and partly dictated by circumstances. However, while I am away from my studio I am not away from art. I visited so many museums in the last month and I absolutely loved it! I am filled with inspiration to the point where my hands are itching.

Here is the list of places I visited this month:

The Guggenheim Museum (NYC)

Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC)

Museum of Modern Art (NYC)

The Jewish Museum (NYC)

The De Young Museum (SF)

The San Francisco Modern Art Museum (SF)

Legion of Honor Museum (SF)

Palo Alto Art Center (Sculpture garden)- See photo bellow with my mom inside the amazing sculpture “Whiplash” by Patrick Dougherty.

And many galleries.













What a joy it is to immerse myself in so much good art!

And guess what- I am not done! I am heading to Berlin tomorrow and hope to see much more.

Will be in touch when I am back in the studio.



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