An Artist’s ‘to do’ list

Similar to other proffesions, being an artist has a whole slew of tasks that do not involve making art.

Of course being in the studio and creating art is my top priority but reality dictates dedicating time to getting the art out of the studio as well. That means- open studio events, competitions, shows, marketing, sales, packing and shipping and more.

I am going to share with you the list of this week tasks- just for the sake of sharing and entertaining you…

  1. Follow up with collectors
  2. writing my blog entry (As we speak…)
  3. Visiting a potential gallery
  4. E-mail my newsletter to my email list
  5. Select pieces of art to go to Open Studios in October
  6. Apply to the Triton Museum of Art competition
  7. Prepare materials for ‘Creativity Night’ on Sep. 23
  8. Repair a piece that came back damaged from a show.
  9. Clean studio (Past due!!!).

By the way if you are interested in participation in Creativity Night (either the one on 9/23 or other nights in the future) please email me at for details. It is a fun night providing an opportunity to play and be creative in a small group in my studio.

FYI- I did spend sometime creating art this week too- here is one of the pieces from this week work:

Cutting Your Own Fence

Encaustic Collage

18″ x 18″

Please click on my home page to see more.

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