My Work Table

It is ‘Creativity Night’ tonight! I will be hosting the event in my studio for a group of adults. You probably heard about this even by now. I will write more about this event in my next blog entry.

Here, I would like to share with you the look of my table after about two years of work (That is since I last change the protective paper on it). In preparing for the event tonight I cleared and cleaned up my work table and here are some photos of how the old cover looked like:

There are notes, suggested tittles for my pieces, quotes that I wrote down, wanting to remember, phone numbers and of course drips and debris of wax.

Its a piece of history! I made sure to document it before I ripped it off the table and covered the table with new white paper. It is so plain now!








I will sure fill you in on tonight’s event. Stay tuned.

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