Order and Chaos in the Studio

Returning home form the open studio event at Hunters Point, I am exhausted! Shlepping boxes down my studio, into the car, in the space at Hunters Point and than all the way back… But of course I am also excited as I have sold several pieces and I have less to carry home. There is a lot more to express and tell you about the event but I will save that to the next post.

for now, I am back in the studio. Art  pieces in boxes, On the floor, on the walls, on my shelves. Real chaos. This studio needed some order.

Long story (several hours today) short- here is a photo of my shelves with every thing packed and labeled. Cheers to the satisfaction of order!

P.S. – now that I know where everything is, finding a piece of art is a piece of cake (Haha). If you have a favorite piece you would like to acquire-  please let me know. Lets make it happen before the end of the year.

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