Thanksgiving in the studio

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday. I get the best three F’s- Family, Friends and Food. This year we added A for Art (Or should I keep it on the F pattern for Fun?)

My daughters and I all went into the studio and worked for hours. It was a joy to work with them and to appreciate how creative all three of them are.

Top: S’ worked on her computer, designing a new jerseys for her Frisbee team at Carnegie Mellon.

2nd: That is my work; was playing around with wax and threads. Added some gold paper for fun.

3rd: A’ made matching t-shirts for their trip to Disney.

4th: N’ worked with encaustic : She found old pieces of wax in my trash bin and glued them on a board.

Bottom: N’ another encaustic piece: a view of the ocean beach from above.



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