Rinat was born and raised in Israel, graduating from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Physical Therapy and later in interior design from UC Berkeley extension. Her interest in art started at an early age; as far as she can remember, she was constantly observing and creating art. In early 2000, she decided to formally dedicate her time to art and launch her professional career.

From the beginning, Rinat was drawn to collage making. For her, collages are a wonderful way to convey abstract messages and values. After a few years using acrylics and mix media on canvas, Rinat discovered encaustic painting, a technique that uses heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. Using beeswax to create collages improved Rinat’s ability to layer her art, giving it increased depth and added texture.

Rinat has been a full-time encaustic artist since 2008. She loves the medium and as her skills increase, she discovers how much more can be done with beeswax collage making.

Rinat’s art explores myriad ways to convey her love for people, her interest in the individual (versus a group) as well as the freedoms and boundaries between individuals and groups.  She loves to express her ideas through texture, color and depth using newspaper, images, strings, ropes and other materials in her encaustic collages.