Studio Tours on You-Tube

Here is a way to stay updated and get a glimpse into my studio once in a while. I started a you-tube series that I called Studio tours. So far I have Studio tours # 1 and #2.

I have to admit- I am still new to this type of exposure. It is exciting for me to be showing my studio and my work and at the same time it is somewhat awkward to be exposed to the unknown world of you-tube in this way. I am determined to make those tours better, more informative and fun.

I got some feedback from kind friends and family after the first video and I think tour #2 is better. I would love to hear more from you. Any feedback is welcome.

here are the two videos:

Studio Tour #1

Studio Tour #2

Thank you for watching and of course feel free to like and share.

My art at the Mountain View Center For the Performing Arts

I am exited and honored to exhibit my art at the Mountain View Center for The Performing Arts.

If you are local, please visit the exhibit, bring your friends and family and help me celebrate. There is no formal reception but here is when you can visit the show:

Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

500 Castro Street, Mountain View CA

Exhibit hour dates: February 6- April 9 2018

Public hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday  noon- 1:00 pm and one hour prior to every public performance.

I would also be happy to give you and your group a tour. contact me at to schedule a tour.

End of the year post (2017)

I am not sure how we got here so all of a sudden… it’s December 2017! This year was an incredible one for me as an Artist. I met so many new people, created so much art, Exhibited -first time in a museum (!), first time in New York City (!), opened my studio, sold art and really made a progress carving myself as an artist.

I want to take this moment at the end of the year to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. All of you who are friends and family, studio visitors, silent website and social media observers, art lovers, art buyers, fellow artists- you all helped me on my journey and I am very grateful for that. I wish you knew how meaningful your feedback and the interaction with me is. I am looking forward to knowing you better next year.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! and may 2018 be even better to all of us.

Forming a Thought

Encaustic collage

24″ x 36″

$ 1,800

Thanksgiving in the studio

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday. I get the best three F’s- Family, Friends and Food. This year we added A for Art (Or should I keep it on the F pattern for Fun?)

My daughters and I all went into the studio and worked for hours. It was a joy to work with them and to appreciate how creative all three of them are.

Top: S’ worked on her computer, designing a new jerseys for her Frisbee team at Carnegie Mellon.

2nd: That is my work; was playing around with wax and threads. Added some gold paper for fun.

3rd: A’ made matching t-shirts for their trip to Disney.

4th: N’ worked with encaustic : She found old pieces of wax in my trash bin and glued them on a board.

Bottom: N’ another encaustic piece: a view of the ocean beach from above.



Revisiting an art piece

Every week I spend some time looking at art books. Its a wonderful way to get inspired. I have a list of favorites and I love to visit the classics. However, in this post, I would like to tell you how periodically, I revisit my own art. It typically occurs while wax is heated and I have some waiting time. I unwrap a piece, a piece that I was planning to revisit, and just stare at it for a while. I hang it in my studio and sit. And stare. And stare some more. Then I stare some more…

Eventually I know what needs to be done or at least how to get started.

Here is and example from this past week. This is a piece that was due for revisiting for a while now. It used to look like this:

And today, after working on it and reworking it, it looks like this:

What do you think?

Order and Chaos in the Studio

Returning home form the open studio event at Hunters Point, I am exhausted! Shlepping boxes down my studio, into the car, in the space at Hunters Point and than all the way back… But of course I am also excited as I have sold several pieces and I have less to carry home. There is a lot more to express and tell you about the event but I will save that to the next post.

for now, I am back in the studio. Art  pieces in boxes, On the floor, on the walls, on my shelves. Real chaos. This studio needed some order.

Long story (several hours today) short- here is a photo of my shelves with every thing packed and labeled. Cheers to the satisfaction of order!

P.S. – now that I know where everything is, finding a piece of art is a piece of cake (Haha). If you have a favorite piece you would like to acquire-  please let me know. Lets make it happen before the end of the year.

Open Studio and more thoughts

Its time for Hunters Point Open Studios!

You are all invited to visit my studio (along with 180 artists!!!) at the Hunters Point Open Studios.

October 14-15, 2017 11:00-6:00

More details here

I have many new pieces that I am excited to share and show off.

As you know I cherish my time and space at Hunters Point.

I love the San Francisco crowd; the compliments, the discussions, the comments and the questions that this crowd brings are all fantastic.

Please feel free to ask questions, to start a discussion, to inquire about specific pieces, techniques etc.

Know that I love the interaction and it is never a bother to answer your questions.

Looking forward to see you in about a week.










Cutting Your Own Fences I, II, III

Encaustic collage

18″ x 18″ each

Creativity Night: report

As promised, here is a post-event report:

Let me start with the goals I set for the event: To bring social life to my studio, to learn to play when creative (be more expressive without worrying about outcome) and to benefit the organization I volunteer for:  kids & Art Foundation by me donating the materials and the participants donate voluntarily.

The event was a success on all fronts. We definitely had fun. We definitely played and fund was raised for Kids & Art.

The assignment was to create a self portrait- objective (Representative) or abstract. Some of us painted a traditional portrait and others chose to paint or collage objects, colors and symbols that convey our values for a self portrait.

We had wine! we had some dessert! What else can one ask?

Next Creativity Night is on Oct. 28, 2017.

My Work Table

It is ‘Creativity Night’ tonight! I will be hosting the event in my studio for a group of adults. You probably heard about this even by now. I will write more about this event in my next blog entry.

Here, I would like to share with you the look of my table after about two years of work (That is since I last change the protective paper on it). In preparing for the event tonight I cleared and cleaned up my work table and here are some photos of how the old cover looked like:

There are notes, suggested tittles for my pieces, quotes that I wrote down, wanting to remember, phone numbers and of course drips and debris of wax.

Its a piece of history! I made sure to document it before I ripped it off the table and covered the table with new white paper. It is so plain now!








I will sure fill you in on tonight’s event. Stay tuned.

An Artist’s ‘to do’ list

Similar to other proffesions, being an artist has a whole slew of tasks that do not involve making art.

Of course being in the studio and creating art is my top priority but reality dictates dedicating time to getting the art out of the studio as well. That means- open studio events, competitions, shows, marketing, sales, packing and shipping and more.

I am going to share with you the list of this week tasks- just for the sake of sharing and entertaining you…

  1. Follow up with collectors
  2. writing my blog entry (As we speak…)
  3. Visiting a potential gallery
  4. E-mail my newsletter to my email list
  5. Select pieces of art to go to Open Studios in October
  6. Apply to the Triton Museum of Art competition
  7. Prepare materials for ‘Creativity Night’ on Sep. 23
  8. Repair a piece that came back damaged from a show.
  9. Clean studio (Past due!!!).

By the way if you are interested in participation in Creativity Night (either the one on 9/23 or other nights in the future) please email me at for details. It is a fun night providing an opportunity to play and be creative in a small group in my studio.

FYI- I did spend sometime creating art this week too- here is one of the pieces from this week work:

Cutting Your Own Fence

Encaustic Collage

18″ x 18″

Please click on my home page to see more.

Art pause from art

I am taking a short hiatus from my studio. Partly by choice and partly dictated by circumstances. However, while I am away from my studio I am not away from art. I visited so many museums in the last month and I absolutely loved it! I am filled with inspiration to the point where my hands are itching.

Here is the list of places I visited this month:

The Guggenheim Museum (NYC)

Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC)

Museum of Modern Art (NYC)

The Jewish Museum (NYC)

The De Young Museum (SF)

The San Francisco Modern Art Museum (SF)

Legion of Honor Museum (SF)

Palo Alto Art Center (Sculpture garden)- See photo bellow with my mom inside the amazing sculpture “Whiplash” by Patrick Dougherty.

And many galleries.













What a joy it is to immerse myself in so much good art!

And guess what- I am not done! I am heading to Berlin tomorrow and hope to see much more.

Will be in touch when I am back in the studio.



A Writer’s Pause

I write- therefore I think!

As an Artist, I find myself writing more than I ever expected. I write artist statements, Letters of intent, explaining why a certain exhibit entry qualifies for the show, I write posts on Facebook and Instagram, I write this blog and once in a while I write notes for my self.

Writing helps me to be more acute and accurate when I define goals and intentions; Selecting the right words and arranging them in the right order helps clarify my thoughts, sharpen vague ideas and tie loose ends.

This piece- A writer’s Pause – is expressing my admiration to those of you who write and by extension- to those of you who think. I finished it yesterday and It already got positive comments. Here it is:

A writer’s Pause

Encaustic on Wood board

Size: 18″ x 18″

At Ease

I promised to show you the new piece I made on that recycled board from the previous post.

Here it is: you can see it also in the figures page along with a couple more new figures.

I am really attached to this piece. Finding myself staring at it for long periods of time. May be this one will stay at home?

It’s the circle of life…

This is the result of recycling an old piece: Can you guess which piece was it?















recycling an old piece brings on a combination of sadness and a lot of excitement; Sadness due to the end of a piece that I loved and will never see again and excitement for starting a whole new piece on the same old board.

It’s the circle of life…

I use the torch to melt and the scraper to scrape off the wax. Some of this wax can be reused but mostly, in this case, the wax is ”contaminated” with pieces of paper and with oil paint that I used on the old piece.

I promise to continue this post and show you the old piece (if you did not guess) and the of course – the new piece that is born on this same old panel.

July 2nd, 2017,

Here is the piece that was recycled:

Commission – update

This is an almost-final photo of the piece. I ended up adding a few more details after taking the photos.

The piece was picked up yesterday by the happy client.

It is a nice exchange between an art lover/supporter and an artist!

Please let me know if you have any question about commissioning a piece or otherwise.


on Commissions

Ambivalence is what I feel in regards to commissions. First of all- it is a compliment! I feel flattered that someone appreciates my art and would love me to create a piece uniquely for him/her. Second (and I am trying to avoid using ‘but’ here)- it is disruptive. When working on commission, I have another person -other than me of course- to consider. Typically there are colors, size and theme requests, so while working on a commissioned piece I hesitate often as I stop to consider the requirements and my natural flow is interrupted.

Third- and this is the bottom line- A commission is a challenge and I welcome it. I open my arms wide to the challenge: thinking a bit differently once in a while, considering different colors and sizes and looking through someone else’ eyes into my work. I still have to love the piece when it is completed. If I feel compromised the commission is missing the point. After all the client is interested in my art on his walls not his own…

Here is a detail from an unfinished commissioned piece I am working on this week.


Another short interview

A short interview about my piece ‘Life Complexity’.

At the Peninsula Museum of Art.

short interviews on You Tube

Here is a short interview about my piece: Hidden Language. The interview was done by the Peninsula Museum of Art.


Secrets of My Studio

while working on a presentation for the Peninsula Museum of Art ( Mark your calendars: the presentation is on June 4th, 2:00 pm) I took some photos in my studio to add to my powerpoint file. I found so much color and bits and peaces of beauty that I thought I should one day publish an album of photos just from the clatter in my studio.

In the meantime- I would love to share just a bit of it with you. You can see my paper cuttings a and the paper collection I have organized by color. More to come later.

IMG_4898 IMG_4900 IMG_4897

My art is In A Museum!!!

I feel humbled, proud and satisfied. Looking at my artwork hanging on a museum walls, illuminated with museum quality lighting and my name on a beautifully designed sign.

The Peninsula Museum of Art  is a small museum with artists studios attached to it in Burlingame CA.

I am currently exhibited there with a collection of 10 pieces. I invite you to visit the museum and let me know what you think.