A Writer’s Pause

I write- therefore I think!

As an Artist, I find myself writing more than I ever expected. I write artist statements, Letters of intent, explaining why a certain exhibit entry qualifies for the show, I write posts on Facebook and Instagram, I write this blog and once in a while I write notes for my self.

Writing helps me to be more acute and accurate when I define goals and intentions; Selecting the right words and arranging them in the right order helps clarify my thoughts, sharpen vague ideas and tie loose ends.

This piece- A writer’s Pause – is expressing my admiration to those of you who write and by extension- to those of you who think. I finished it yesterday and It already got positive comments. Here it is:

A writer’s Pause

Encaustic on Wood board

Size: 18″ x 18″

At Ease

I promised to show you the new piece I made on that recycled board from the previous post.

Here it is: you can see it also in the figures page along with a couple more new figures.

I am really attached to this piece. Finding myself staring at it for long periods of time. May be this one will stay at home?

It’s the circle of life…

This is the result of recycling an old piece: Can you guess which piece was it?















recycling an old piece brings on a combination of sadness and a lot of excitement; Sadness due to the end of a piece that I loved and will never see again and excitement for starting a whole new piece on the same old board.

It’s the circle of life…

I use the torch to melt and the scraper to scrape off the wax. Some of this wax can be reused but mostly, in this case, the wax is ”contaminated” with pieces of paper and with oil paint that I used on the old piece.

I promise to continue this post and show you the old piece (if you did not guess) and the of course – the new piece that is born on this same old panel.

July 2nd, 2017,

Here is the piece that was recycled:

Commission – update

This is an almost-final photo of the piece. I ended up adding a few more details after taking the photos.

The piece was picked up yesterday by the happy client.

It is a nice exchange between an art lover/supporter and an artist!

Please let me know if you have any question about commissioning a piece or otherwise.

Rinat gorenrinat@gmail.com

on Commissions

Ambivalence is what I feel in regards to commissions. First of all- it is a compliment! I feel flattered that someone appreciates my art and would love me to create a piece uniquely for him/her. Second (and I am trying to avoid using ‘but’ here)- it is disruptive. When working on commission, I have another person -other than me of course- to consider. Typically there are colors, size and theme requests, so while working on a commissioned piece I hesitate often as I stop to consider the requirements and my natural flow is interrupted.

Third- and this is the bottom line- A commission is a challenge and I welcome it. I open my arms wide to the challenge: thinking a bit differently once in a while, considering different colors and sizes and looking through someone else’ eyes into my work. I still have to love the piece when it is completed. If I feel compromised the commission is missing the point. After all the client is interested in my art on his walls not his own…

Here is a detail from an unfinished commissioned piece I am working on this week.


Another short interview

A short interview about my piece ‘Life Complexity’.

At the Peninsula Museum of Art.

short interviews on You Tube

Here is a short interview about my piece: Hidden Language. The interview was done by the Peninsula Museum of Art.


Secrets of My Studio

while working on a presentation for the Peninsula Museum of Art ( Mark your calendars: the presentation is on June 4th, 2:00 pm) I took some photos in my studio to add to my powerpoint file. I found so much color and bits and peaces of beauty that I thought I should one day publish an album of photos just from the clatter in my studio.

In the meantime- I would love to share just a bit of it with you. You can see my paper cuttings a and the paper collection I have organized by color. More to come later.

IMG_4898 IMG_4900 IMG_4897

My art is In A Museum!!!

I feel humbled, proud and satisfied. Looking at my artwork hanging on a museum walls, illuminated with museum quality lighting and my name on a beautifully designed sign.

The Peninsula Museum of Art peninsulamuseum.org  is a small museum with artists studios attached to it in Burlingame CA.

I am currently exhibited there with a collection of 10 pieces. I invite you to visit the museum and let me know what you think.




Commitment to What???


Just came down from my studio (Yes, my studio is upstairs, the only room on the second floor). I finished a piece that I wanted to title: “Commitment to finding the truth”.  That makes a long name for a file…

Also a bit too direct and suggesting…

I decided to shorten it to ‘Commitment’ and let people ask : “Commitment to what?”

Well- you already know- to finding the truth!

For some reason, the truth and the commitment to find the truth is such an acute subject recently. It seems that the value of the truth had plummeted like a failing stock in the market.

so, here it it- A commitment to finding the truth.

It is a very layered piece, with a lot going on under the surface. There is a lot of paper cuttings (shown above) and a lot hidden under some cover…

Hope you are as committed as me.

Thank you.

Here is the final piece


Happy New Year- 2017

Happy New Year to all of you- art lovers- where ever you are.

I hope 2017 in a year of growth and learning, curiosity and achieving.

My first piece for this year was sold about 10 minutes after I post it! Here is for a good start…


This transection presented me with an opportunity to deliver the piece to the collector in person. How lovely it is to step into a home where my art, my creation is on the walls (This is not the first piece of mine they acquired)


Mirra Olsen Mirra Olsen 2









I felt delighted to have visited this home but more than that- to connect with a collector who happens to love my work and to accept their compliments. I experience a sense of completion, the sense that being an artist is not only about creating the art it is also about selling it and connecting with people to whom my art brings joy. It turned out to be an important part of the cycle.

I am grateful!



Time to recycle…

Once in a while I look at an older piece and think:” Its time!” Which means this piece finds itself back on my work table. I heat the wax and scrape it off. Clean the wax of pieces of paper and dirt and use the wood panel for something new.

Here is the old piece I recycled today:Rinat_The_Life_of_a_Tree

There is something bitter-sweet about demolishing a piece. On one hand, I know it is part of the process, as my eye changes and I develop higher expectations, for some pieces to end. On the other hand it is a bit difficult to let go. In the end, it is a fun day in the studio, where new creation is evolving and I am pleased by my decision.



Here are some photos of the process: The first one shows some of the scrapes right off the old piece: This is very raw material, including pieces of paper and some oil paint. img_4468











This photo shows the color I got by mixing and heating all the scrapes minus the paper and globs of oil paint. The background is the new piece I started with the new paint. Not finished yet.

I promise to post the final result.



small scale

I have been busy in the studio, preparing for a show at the Ark Art Gallery in San Jose.

‘More the Merrier’ is the name of the show and it calls for a large amount of pieces. What it really means is that I have to fill my wall with small pieces. Its a fun opportunity of play around with new colors, new techniques and work on accuracy and control of the wax. All of which are easier to do with small scale work. Of course, another aspect of small scale work is- the production is much more rapid.

Please come and visit the show:

Art Ark Gallery: 1035 South 6th street, San Jose, CA

Opening Reception: Nov. 4, 6-9

Closing Reception: Dec. 2, 6-9.

Here is one of them:


Open Studio at Hunters Point

Finally Open studios at Hunters Point Shipyard is here!

Here is a photo of the shipyard and a link to information about it. I enjoy and cherish our last few years at the shipyard in its current, original state. Soon the original buildings we are using now will be demolished and a new artist building will be build.

Drydock 4 Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Southeast of the junction of Spear Ave. & Morrell St., San Francisco, CA

Drydock 4 Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Southeast of the junction of Spear Ave. & Morrell St., San Francisco, CA










October 15-16, 2016


I will be in building 117, studio 3115

I am looking forward to see/meet you all.


Open Studios at Hunters Point, SF

I am excited to invite you all again to the Open studios at Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco.

When: Saturday and Sunday, October 15-16, 2016


I will be in Building 117, studio 3115

Directions: shipyardartists.com


Forgive me for a quick blog entry. Just wanted to update you all regarding up coming events.

Please check out my event page- Many events in September, October and November. All in the Bay Area.

Of course- Open Studios at Hunters Point is coming soon. I will update with more details but for now- Mark your calendars: October 15-16, 2016 11:00-6:00. I will be as always in Building 117, studio 3115.

Also- here is a photo taken at ‘Meadow’ a software company in San Francisco, with my art on their event space’ walls.


Large Size

This post is going to fulfill two of my previous post promises. One – to show a large piece as I am committed to work a bit larger these days. Two- to show the influence of Japan; its colors (namely Indigo) and its language. Please enlarge to see the details.

Also- I would like to apologize for the ‘not so great’ photo of this piece. This is attempt #2 and it still not great. But my studio is calling me back and I don’t want to spend so much time on the camera and the computer. I will get to it…

In the meantime, here it is: Hidden Language.


Back in the studio

I am back from an amazing trip to Japan. Needless to say, I am yearning to go up to the studio and start a new piece (or rather many new pieces). Not only I missed working quietly in my studio, I also am loaded with images and inspirations that accumulated in my head in this beautiful country. I met artists who blew my mind with their dedication, their accuracy, their esthetics and their love for their art. And now- this empty panel is calling me. And I am ready. be prepared to be surprised! I am not sure what is going to be poured out of my brushes but I know its something new. Something I caught in Japan…IMG_3899


I’m sure you all agree with me that color is one of the most defining property of an artist’ body of work. Sometimes it is possible to identify an artist just by recognizing his color palette in one of his/her works. I, also feel defined by the colors I am using. If you look at my body of work as a whole, you will find a certain color scheme that tie it all together. Yes, I do use almost every color under the sun but some specific hues are used in almost every piece that I made.

I do try to push the envelope. I Try new colors,I play with the opposite color of what I would naturally reach for, and I mix colors that I never thought of mixing before. But still, some how, with some force of nature that is stronger then me, I keep going back to the red-orange-yellow that feels so good to my brush and my eye.

Here are some new mixes that I made in the last few weeks. You can probably recognize the cup-cake mold pattern on my wax colors.  I use these molds to mix colors and old wax scraps to create new hues. Now I am excited to apply the new colors. Try to find these new hues on my boards. Soon.

IMG_3455 IMG_3454

Packaging mess


For those of you who visited me in my open studio last weekend- THANK YOU!

It was a fun, busy and exhausting weekend.

Several sales were made and I realize I needed a better wrapping system.

Encaustic is not a medium one can just hand to the buyer as is. If one wants the art piece to arrive safely to its new home (Which I do, of course), one needs to carefully wrap it. Which takes time.

I had no consistent method and materials for wrapping. So…

This week I am working on consistently wrapping each piece with a wrap that can come off and on quickly and easily while protecting the piece well. The wraps are marked with the size of the piece so  hopefully next time you make a purchase, I will do my job much faster…IMG_3453